What is Print Collateral?

Print collateral materials are printed “leave behind” pieces that you can give someone, distribute, place in reception areas, send in the mail, etc. They can accompany a product or service with instructions, guidelines, or similar information. You can also use them to promote your business or service. Building a brand requires effort, commitment, and creativity. You craft logos and aesthetics after thorough research and careful planning. But all of that effort can go to waste if you don’t promote it. This can be done through digital marketing and print collateral. Digital marketing helps you reach an online audience while print collateral helps you reach the real-life audience. At Elevate Marketing Designs, we can create beautiful print collateral material that draws a prospective customer’s attention.

Types of Print Collateral

This material comes in different forms and can be used for different purposes. While the world has moved onto the digital platform, this material is still relevant and brings in good results. Here are some of the print collateral materials we design: These are all promotional print collateral material that can help improve your brand’s visibility and catch the attention of prospective customers. We work with expert graphic designers and content creators to craft these promotional materials so they give everyone who sees these printed pieces a strong impression of the client’s brand.

Where Can These Materials Be Used?

Many people believe that printed materials have become obsolete in this era of digital marketing but that’s not accurate. These materials are still relevant and can bring ample attention to your brand. You can use our print collateral at:

Business conferences

It is easier to hand prospective customers a brochure along with your card when they visit your booth than to direct them to your website.

Waiting rooms

People are often bored at waiting rooms or reception areas so placing some brochures and introductory material there can help keep them engaged. This will also help lay the foundation for a sales pitch by giving prospective customers an idea of what to expect.


People have crowded inboxes and social media feeds littered with ad content. Newsletters or promotional materials sent through these channels are often disregarded. Sending letters through physical mail can be very effective because most will open their mail.
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