Content Writing

Content Writing

When it comes to your digital presence, content reigns supreme and everything from the content on your site, social media pages and blogs etc. matters when it comes to branding. If you want to catch a customer’s attention and retain it, you need to deliver good-quality content consistently to keep them engaged. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done because we now face content oversaturation. At Elve8 Marketing/Design, we have a team of excellent content writing experts who can create excellent written pieces for your company.

Our Content Writing Strategy

Creating content is more than just putting pen to paper and letting words fly. The purpose of this marketing technique is to draw audience, establish authority, provide information, and earn the trust of prospective customers. During this process, we focus on the factors mentioned below:

Website Content

Every website should have well-written copy explaining all products and services in detail. You must provide customers with as much first-hand information as you can so they don’t have to leave your website to know more. Our team will create engaging and optimized copy and will make sure all information is up-to-date.

Grammar and Spelling

We double check all the written work and ensure it goes through multiple editors before the content is placed on your website. Incorrect grammar or spelling errors have a negative impact on your visitor’s user experience, which can give them a poor impression of your company. Our team will make sure you don’t have to deal with that.

Choosing the Right Topic for Articles

Our goal is to create content that people will want to read. Expert content creators will look at your target audience for inspiration. They’ll choose topics based on comments, popular questions, queries, and industry trends. This helps engage more audiences.

Link Worthy Assets

We make sure all content is link-worthy and provides some unique information or perspective. Link worthy articles can get you backlinks from high-authority websites in your industry, which can help you earn customer trust.


Our content writing experts are great at research. They make sure all the information in an article is accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. That ensures prospective customers aren’t misled by the information you provide.
We also understand the need to establish a unique voice through the content. Our team will consider your brand presence, target audience, industry, products/services, and similar influential factors during the content creation process. This ensures your audiences connect with written pieces and are swayed by it. Our content writing experts will also incorporate relevant keywords judiciously in articles or website copy to ensure they don’t disrupt the reading experience. Keyword research is a part of content writing and can help bring more visibility to your website. We choose keywords carefully based on the search behavior of modern day audiences.
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